Your interactive city guide, just for free.

An iPhone, iPad or iPod application that leads you through the historical City of Bruges and Damme. With tons of nice places to discover your own.

Your virtual Guide

Imagine a real city guide that wont be destroyed by the rain. That doensn't fly away with the wind. That you can put in your pocket or bag no matter when. That sounds nice right? Well it is possible! We have the solution. with the IBruges apps you can easy watch the information on you smartphone whenever and wherever you want. But it isn't just a map! It is much more than that! You can chosse between a 210 options scattered around 58 stops around the city. iBruges develops the app's and iBooks that you need to discover those historival city's!

Find your way through the city.

The iBruges app you can actually see as the google for your selected city but even more convenient. You no longer have to search yourself because the right information is ready for you. Aside to the information you can start your walk immediately. The built-in GPS function allows you to go to the attraction you want on the moment you want. And also find them easily.


Do you really want to discover the city as it used to be? Be sure to use the medieval map! The app can be downloaded in different languages ​​so do not hesitate to take a look.

Discover the nicest places

In many of our apps you will find out where the nicest shops are! Those are often very hard to fing. But we want to give you a chance to find these gems. That's why we produced them in the app. Did you chose to do an activity from our app? Then make sure you don't see the iBruges logo at the door. If you see it just let them know you found their shop thanks to iBruges. And maybe you will get someting extra.

Reread each moment

Have you visited one of the beautiful Flemish cities? But you had a lack of time  to read the info? Well now you can  do this afterwards. But reading through the app is rather awkward if you don't really walk in the city. But we found a sollution! Our apps are now also transformed to iBooks. Here you find the same information but rewrited as a story. So don't be afraid to miss out on something beacause  in our iBooks you can find everything!

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